NYTimes Crossword

Monday May 29, 2017 — NYTimes Crossword No. 0529

So I woke up this morning all ready for a Memorial Day theme to today’s crossword. Alas, it was not. Still, today we honor the ones who gave their lives in defense of our great nation. 

We’ve built our freedoms on the blood and sacrifice of those who have gone before us. Yes, those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. But also the ones who put themselves daily between us and the threats of this world. We thank you for serving. 

The key to today’s theme, at 63A (When TV viewership peaks), is PRIMETIME. The other themed clues are:

17A: Epoch of rare distinction – GOLDENAGE

24A: Topic of a happy annual report – BANNERYEAR

36A: Something circled on a calendar – REDLETTERDAY

53A: Period of supreme courage and achievement – FINESTHOUR 
(AGE, YEAR, DAY, HOUR, all measures of TIME). 

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Other interesting clues include: 

4A: Singer Mitchell who wrote “Woodstock” (but didn’t attend) – JONI 

Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell 

15A: Former Israeli P.M. Ehud – BARAK

16A: ____ Tunes (Warner Bros. cartoons) – LOONEY

19A: Tool for the Grim Reaper – SCYTHE

Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult 

23A: Archie’s wife on “All in the Family” – EDITH

All in the Family Theme 

My favorite clue of the day: 

61A: Substituted “math” for “mass,” say – LISPED

64A: Timeless, to Shakespeare – ETERNE

68A: X-ray ____ (gag gift) – SPEX

2D: Marilyn Monroe, notably – BLONDE 

4D: Author Austen – JANE 

7D: Eisenhower, informally – IKE

8D: Borden milk mascot – ELSIE

36D: Kiss like an Eskimo – RUBNOSES 

51D: With hands on hips – AKIMBO

Not fast today. 13 minutes.