NYTimes Crossword

Wednesday 9/13/17 – NYTimes Xword #0809

14 min – Wed

I’m not into cards, nor gambling, but today’s theme was poker. I had the most trouble at the crossing of 40D (Alfed of IQ testing) and 45A (“Borstal Boy” author). I was choosing amongst the R, D, and N. Since I know what a “bidet” is, and “biret” didn’t seem right at all, I went with the N. Process of elimination, logical methodology, but still, just plain lucky. I mean, really. Am I supposed to know who these people are?

I like the long answers, so I was happy about the 15-lettered “DOTHEBESTYOUCAN” down the center at 7D (Give 100%). Also, the 13-lettered middle crosser at 39A with “DOUBLES TENNIS” (Where an ace can beat a pair). And then the pair of 11-lettered verticals at 11D “LAMEBRAINED” — I originally went with Hare Brained (None too smart); and 26D “GOTOTHEDOGS” (Completely fall apart). Plus a couple each of 8-lettered and 9-lettered answers for good measure. Just the way I like it.

Fun puzzle. Good rhythm. Easy to dance to (mostly). I give it an 8.5.