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God Doesn’t Hate Homosexuals (and neither should you)

God Doesn’t Hate Homosexuals (and neither should you)

I don’t believe homosexuality is an E-ticket to Hell. Whether or not homosexuality is a sin is up to God, and not up to you and me. But, even if homosexuality is a sin, I don’t believe it is an automatic death sentence. I don’t believe someone gets sent straight to Hell because they lived a homosexual lifestyle. 

If (the sin of) homosexuality (alone) is enough to sentence someone to Hell, then I (and most people I know) should just give up now. Because my potpourri of sin, I am just sure, is so much worse. If I were to itemize for you all my sins, then next to the towers and the cities of my own sin, homosexuality would be but a mere tent in the desert. 

Do I expect to see homosexuals in heaven? I have many homosexual friends, and I am sure some of them are looking down upon us from Heaven right now.