Trump & Kim — 6/12/2018

This is good on so many levels. For decades NK has been a major human rights violator. For more than twenty years they’ve been a looming nuclear threat. We’ve been technically at war with this nation since 1950. NK borders China, our greatest threat, economically and militarily. Korea has been the site of a proxy war between East & West for seventy years. With NK as a “friend,” US advances it’s agenda on the global stage, and brings US economic power to the very doorstep of China.

For years, China has been expanding its military presence, throughout Asia, and even Africa. The South China Sea has been looming as a hot-spot for direct military conflict between between US and China for a decade.

It was US pressure on China which brought about the change in attitude in Pyongyang. The tightening of economic sanctions is what this is all about. The growing global “trade war” is Trump’s diplomacy at work. It’s why he’s now having success with China and in NK.

And eliminating the nuclear threat in SE Asia is having the effect of reducing war tensions throughout the South China Sea. This will have the effect of increasing economic investment in the region – both by US and China. There will be an economic boom in the region unlike the world has ever seen.

And rather than being on the sidelines, as former US policy relegated us to, USA is right in the middle of it.

The future holds strengthening cross-Pacific economic ties, and strengthening relations between US and China. All of which puts pressure on Russia to get on board.

The long term effect is global peace, and prosperity. The triumvirate of US-China-Russia will lead the world into this new Pax Humana.

Where is Europe? Where are Canada and Mexico? They’re invited to the party. But they don’t get to pick the music anymore.

Welcome to the new world order.


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