NYTimes Crossword

Sunday May 28, 2017 — “In Bad Taste” — NYTimes Crossword Puzzle 


Step 1: Raise Hell [27A: STIRUPAHORNETSNEST]

Step 2: Make some literary gaffes [39A: MIXONESMETAPHORS]

Step 3: Devote energy to something hopeless [56A: BEATADEADHORSE]

Step 4: Be a financial wastrel [66A: POURMONEYDOWNTHEDRAIN]

Step 5: Look pretty schlubby [79A: CUTAPOORFIGURE]

And finally: Has divided loyalties [96A: SERVESTWOMASTERS]

I liked that we had today both 101A: NASA (Org. involved in a probe) and 21A: ALIEN (Venusian or Jovian). Clearly a subtext here. 

I don’t think I’d seen before 19A: UTAHN (Sundance Film Festival local). I’m more familiar with the spelling “Utahan.” This, followed closely by 6D: ALTA (Resort in the Wasatch Mountains). Love the pairings. 

I did not know that Bill NYE [29A] was C.E.O. of the Planetary Society starting in 2010. I find Bill Nye creepy and sinister. 

Always enjoy mention of the Crusades. 35A: URBANII (Pope who initiated the first Crusade).

My favorite clue of the day was 34A: Stream coming down a mountain? Answer: HOTLAVA. 

A fun Sunday puzzle, though I completed it on Saturday night, in a cool sixty minutes (Official time: 59:30). Not fast, but I’ll take it. 


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