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Saturday 8/6/16 — NYT Crossword Puzzle No. 0702 — Orig.Pub. July 2, 2016

Saturday 8/6/16 — NYT Crossword Puzzle No. 0702 — Orig.Pub. July 2, 2016
I was super busy today — had to drive to Fresno for work, which is three hours each way, to look at a couple of upcoming building wrecks. Fun stuff, but still a long day. Finally made my way to the crossword and dinner at Panera around 6:30pm. I ate my chicken and rice soup, and finished the Saturday puzzle in a leisurely 45 minutes. I will probably catch a movie on Netflix before bedtime. Saturday is an early turn-in night for me, as I have three church services on Sunday where I play guitar, starting at 7:20am. 

I started in the NW, and first got 17A: REDVINES (Licorice candy that was originally raspberry-flavored). I was pretty confident, as I also saw the crosser 4D: DIVES (Low bars). I also got 23A: ELYSE (Alex’s mom on “Family Ties”), I wasn’t certain of the spelling, but I guessed right. I saw 15A: ANDIMOUT (“That’s it … too rich for me”), but only the “I’M OUT” part for now. I also saw 2D: ONEAL (NBA star with size 22 shoes), but “Shaq” didn’t fit, so I gave up and moved on. I had to return to the NW near the end, but it wasn’t the last thing I completed. That honor falls to the SE. 

I next moved to the SW, and was able to finish the quadrant. I actually started with a bold mistake at 47D: SLOAN (MIT’s ___ School of Management), I had no idea, but I figured it started with an “S” [see 46A], and for some reason I said “Salem.” Not even close, but it got me started. 

I next got: 55D: ESTA (___ noche (tonight: Sp.)); and 60D: HES (“___ Mine” (hit of 1957 or 1995)). I then got the bottom crossers at: 65A: SEENAS (Considered to be), which I also misanswered as “Deem as,” but this made me realize “Salem” was likely wrong, and quickly prevented me from getting married to the word; 59A: KIBOSH (Put an end to), which I also misspelled “Kabosh”; 63A: IMLATE (Words said in a rush); and 54A: STALE (No longer crisp, in a way).

I actually got 32D: WATERSKIS (Has fun getting towed?) before I answered 46A: REYS (“___ Theme” tune from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”), as I wasn’t sure whose theme we were talking about, but I was already leaning that direction.

33D: ALONETIME (Recharging period) gave me the correction to “KIBOSH.” I also answered wrong at 35D: RAD (Old dope?), I said “Red.” 38A: ALEAST (Rays are in it) gave me the fix for this one. 

In the NE I first answered 9D: FED (Like parking meters). This was hard for me, as I wanted 9A: FATLIP (Fight memento) to be “Bruise,” but I admit the correct answer is so much more satisfying. 

Next I got 12D: LINERNOTE (It may be a credit to the band). I then made another mistake here, when I said 31A: NET (Get in the end) was “Nab.” My favorite clue of the day is also in this area, at: 36A: ONELOVE (Classic song with the lyric “Let’s get together and feel all right”).

Competing the NW, I had a heck of a time remembering 7D: MUELLER (Robert ___, FBI Director from 2001 to 2013). That I had misanswered 25A: LUGS (Totes) didn’t help [I said “Bags”].

In the SE, where I finished, I made a mistake that held me up quite a bit at 62D: YTD (Accounting abbr.), I said “Deb” which isn’t even partly correct. Once I saw 49A: OTTER (Oyster cracker?), things started breaking loose for me in the quadrant. And 66A: SEEDLESS (Barren, in a way) also really helped. I knew I had it once I got 64A: EMOTICON (Small show of one’s feelings).

I finished at the crossing of: 41D: SMUT (Blue books?); and 56A: TINO (Two-time All-star Martinez), who I don’t know. 


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