NYTimes Crossword

Thursday July 14, 2016 — NYT Crossword No. 0609 (Orig.Pub. June 9, 2016)

Thursday July 14, 2016 — NYT Crossword No. 0609
I don’t feel I was especially brilliant this morning. I just think the theme was a little thin for a Thursday. 27 minutes, which is fairly quick for me this late in the week. 

First, a shout out to @cheryldell, Publisher and President of The Sacramento Bee 🐝. She promised to take care of the recurrent printing error in her paper, also known as The Mystery of the Missing Shaded Squares (in the NYT crossword puzzle), and she did. I’ve been MIA for a few weeks, and so as far as I know today was the first puzzle with shaded squares since she became aware of the problem. I noticed no misprinting today. So thank you Cheryl Dell! 

To the puzzle…  

The shaded squares, on a downward diagonal, left to right, in alternating squares along the center spine, spell out the word SILENT. This is a clue to two themed answers, at: 49A: [SILENT] MAJORITY (…large but not often vocal voting bloc), which I solved very early on, and gave me the shaded squares; and 21A: [SILENT] PARTNERS (…investors not involved in the management of their businesses). I think a little overly simple for a Thursday themed puzzle.

I didn’t know a couple answers, and guessed wrong a few times. For example: 10D: KRONOR (Swedish money), I misguessed “Kronas”; 33A: AKINS (Claude who played Sheriff Lobo), I said “Rains.” Also: 43A: TORTONI (Trattoria dessert), I did not know this one; which is paired with 26D: GELATI (Trattoria desserts), I had incorrectly said “Gelato,” missing the plurality, and had to correct later. Then there was the intersection of: 46D: EMAJOR (Key with four sharps), which I had first guessed as a minor key; and 45A: LEONINE (Strong and proud), I wanted to misspell it “Lionine” (which doesn’t even look right), but there is no key of “I Major.”

24D: AIKIDO (Modern Japanese martial art) gave me fits, as I had misanswered 33A: AKINS, and had to resolve this error to complete the section. 

Loved seeing Rob 25D: REINER (“Stand by Me” director, 1986). Love that movie. He also directs one of my top five favorite all time movies, “The Princess Bride.” So Mr. Reiner is A-ok in my book. 

Learned something at 47A: BOZ (Dickens pen name). Thought 41A: MATTE (Photo finish) was cute. 

I didn’t get 17A: AISLES (Pair of big jets?). I do now, but it was totally missing me at 5:30 a.m.

I appreciated 48A: HYMNBOOK (Singer’s volume). Also liked 23A: CARRIAGE (Baby transport). 

Fun was 16A: RAVE (Party that might start after midnight). And my favorite clue of the day was 10A: KNOB (Opening part). 


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