Pap (Drivel), Politics

Freedom is an idea…

Freedom is an idea. An idea worth fighting for, worth dying for. Government is a bargain whereby we the people give up little bits of our freedom for other things we find valuable: peace, security, roads, education, a social safety net, etc. Thus, freedom is an illusion, and does not really exist. We bargain away our freedom, until it no longer is ours, and what we once had (or thought we had) is completely in the hands of others. We then begin to bargain away other things: our privacy, our children, our identity, our self respect. The truth? The truth sailed long ago. There is no truth. There is no freedom. There is no privacy. We live in a police state. The next question, once we realize this, is do we care enough to do anything about it? And then, if so, what? Is America a failed experiment? I say no, we are just getting started. Paraphrasing the immortal John Paul Jones, “We have not yet begun to fight.”


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