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Thursday 6/23/16 — NYTimes Crossword Update 

Thursday 6/23/16 

To my Dear Readers: 

Not sure when I will get around to completing today’s crossword. My sister Heather is starting chemotherapy & radiation today. She’s been fighting this cancer since January. I’ve spent a lot of time with her in the hospital these past two months, and these next six weeks she’s going to need the most support. 

She’s home now (well right this minute she’s in chemo), but last night we were again in the ER. She was having a withdrawal reaction to one of the medications she was taking as an in-patient the previous four weeks. 

Plus I’ve been planning for a while to take my youngest child to Montana to see his grandparents. The doctors say chemo is not too bad for the first two weeks, and then it catches up to you. So I’m taking this opportunity to go, plus there is a Rodeo on the 4th of July that we love, and I will be back prior to the two weeks mark.

Heather has a ton of other support, and I’m praying she can do without me for this short break. So I’ve got a lot on my mind, and work to catch up on before I leave. 

Therefore, my crossword Blogging may be a little sporadic these next couple weeks. I apologize to the dependent, but I assure you: You will survive.

All my love, 


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