NYTimes Crossword

Tuesday June 21, 2016 — NYTimes Crossword No. 0517

Tuesday June 21, 2016 — NYTimes Crossword No. 0517

Full disclosure — when I completed my crossword puzzle this morning, I had two wrong letters, and three wrong words. I had guessed — but guessed wrong — and after I was done, looked up the correct answers to confirm my errors. I then re-placed with the corrected letters, because I know some people don’t actually read the text of my Blog, but just look at the crossword solution, and in that context the mistakes were misleading. 

Let’s start there, with my errant trio. I didn’t know: 6D: PATHE (Company that invented newsreels); 18D: ESTRUS (Stage when an animal is in heat); and 23A: ETRES (Beings, in Bretagne). Now, let me ask: Did anybody know these three?? I thought I was making a reasonable guess when I answered “Euros” for “Beings,” but still was pretty sure I had it wrong, as neither crosser looked even vaguely familiar. So, there you go, I don’t know everything. 

More discomforting news, in that I didn’t get the theme today. The reveal is at 62A: GOONAHEAD (“Don’t wait for me to proceed” … or what either part of the answer to each starred clue can do?) [“Go on ahead”]. Maybe someone can explain the context to me?

The *starred clues include: 17A: REDLETTER (*Especially memorable, as a day); 21A: HOTSHOWER (*Campground amenity); 33A: AIRBUBBLE (*Feature of a carpenter’s level); 44A: HORSEMEAT (*Beef alternative in many countries); 53A: BONEWHITE (*Basic china color), I had early said “Whale” instead of “White,” thinking I understood the theme, but pretty clearly did not. 


[UPDATE:  I finally figured out the theme. I needed to re-read 62A: GOONAHEAD as “Go on a head.” That explains everything. LOL]

Liked 26A: HASBRO (Pictionary company). I thought 1A: BEAD (Thing on string) would be “Yo-yo”; Alas, it was not. 

Long verticals were: 4D: DELWEBB (Big name in retirement community development); 10D: OTTOMAN (___ Empire (land of Suleiman the Magnificent)); 43D: STPETER (Heavenly gatekeeper); and 45D: MADEHAY (Seized the opportunity). 

Verticals of the six-lettered variety were: 9D: DASHED (Ruined, as dreams); 40D: SERENA (A Williams sister); and 47D: EDWARD (One of eight English kings).

Other long horizontals include: 29A: SODAPOP (It’s carbonated); 38A: SEABEES (Naval base builders); 46A: SYSTEMS (Gamblers use them); and 49A: TRASHY (Low-end).

I did not know 27D: AILEY (Alvin of American dance). Thought 41A: GRR ([Damn, this is annoying!]) was cute. 

I love it when 7D: OREOS (They can be crushed for pie crust) are in the crossword puzzle. I found very appealing today 11D: GLOW (What fireflies do).

Must mention 61A: EVITA (Hit musical set in Buenos Aires). But my favorite answer of the day was: 67A: SNERD (Dummy Mortimer).

26 minutes today. Not fast on a Tuesday. 


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