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Thursday June 16, 2016 — NYTimes Crossword No. 0512

Thursday June 16, 2016 — NYTimes Crossword No. 0512

Fun puzzle today. I look forward to Thursdays because there’s always a cute trick. Today’s was not overly difficult. I didn’t resolve it immediately, but maybe about ten minutes in. 

Of the themed clues, I first saw 22A: WRESTLING {RING} (Stage for Hulk Hogan), where the letters spelling out “RING” are circled, contained within the first, and longer, word “WRESTLING.” When I initially saw the clue, Wrestling Ring was the first thing that popped into my mind, but I didn’t see it, so I moved on. 

I next came to (among themed clues) 34A: TRANSPARENT {TAPE} (What 3M’s Scotch is a brand of). I thought I saw “TAPE,” but wasn’t ready for the longer “TRANSPARENT,” so I continued forward. 

Third I found 51A: ESTIMATED {TIME} (Arrival or departure approximation). I had already filled in a number of the crossers, and resolved this one quite readily. 

From there I went immediately back to 34A: TRANSPARENT {TAPE} and it was Game On.

I pretty easily then solved 17A: MARATHON {MAN} (1976 Dustin Hoffman thriller).

I had a mistake in the NW at 1D: ADVERSE (Opposed), I had said “Against,” and had to overcome this conflict before I was prepared to fill in 22A: WRESTLING {RING}.

The fifth, and final, themed clue was 57A: ABSTRACT {ART} (Rothko’s field), I got quite easily “ART,” but “ABSTRACT” took me a minute, and at first I was relying on crossers, until the word started taking shape for me, as I could not pick out Rothko from a line-up. 

I got slowed down a handful of times today. In the NE, I didn’t know 10A: DEG (You might be honored with one: Abbr.), and had to get all the crossers first — only later did I realized that one might receive an Honorary Degree (Hon. Deg.). This venture was further complicated by my lack of floral knowledge, and I didn’t get the reference, on 10D: DAHLIA (Mexican bloom), not sure I’ve ever known the Dahlia to be a Mexican flower. I have heard of the movie “Black Dahlia.” So I’m only 99.9% sure of my answer here, but close enough. 

In the SE I didn’t know a quartet of clues, including: 48D: AMANDA (Only #1 hit for Boston), I’m expecting a “Doh” moment when I Google it here in a few minutes, as I love the band Boston, but right now I’m not remembering the song; 56A: ALANA (Actress de la Garza of “Law and Order”), excuse me, who?; 62A: ADELIE (Penguin variety), completely beyond my scope of knowledge, totally reliant upon the crossers; and 53D: ALOES (Bitter ___ (purgative medicine)), I’m going to have to ask my sister, Melissa, about this one later. I had to employ puzzle-solving skills in this corner, as the knowing of words failed me in this instance. 

Also had a little trouble in the SW, with 43A: FARMERS (___market), I had said “Sellers market,” which blocked me for awhile in this quarter. It was 43D: FACADE (Front) which broke the logjam for me. 

So basically, I had some difficulty in every corner this morning. 

My favorite clue of the day was at 30D: DRUMSET (Beat it!), which I think is uber-clever. 

I still don’t get 28D: DOREMI (Cabbage), this is Do-Re-Mi, right? Like in “The Sound of Music”?


Dictionary.com: do-re-mi [doh-rey-mee] noun, Slang. 1. money. Origin of do-re-mi: 1920-25; pun on dough (money).

Other long[ish] answers include: 2D: DECREPIT (In bad shape); 4D: ALERTS (Messages often with exclamation points); 7D: ORANGE (Buddhist monks wear it), ever been to an airport?; 11D: EGOISM (Self-interest doctrine); 12D: GENOME (Subject of a modern map), liked this one; 23D: LOANER (Rental car alternative); 37D: TENTACLE (Sucker holder), not entirely sure I get this one; 41D: TOENAIL (Filing target), made me chuckle; 42D: SEDATE (Put under), saw this one right away, and thought I was super-brilliant [LOL]; 44D: ALIBIS (They’ve got you covered); 45D: RINSES (Helps with the dishes), cute; and 46D: SEACOW (Underwater behemoth), a what?

On the horizontal there were: 1A: ADMAN (Don Draper or Roger Sterling, on an AMC series), only mentioning this one because I didn’t know it, and figure I’m probably the only person in America with this affliction; 13A: IDEALS (Worthy pursuits); 16: TVCREW (Camera operators, gaffers, etc.), you have to love the crossword to understand how crafty it is to include an obviously plural clue with an answer not ending in an “S”, kudos to Puzzleman James Tuttle; 19A: SERER (More desertlike), I loved this clue, as the answer is not obvious, but clearly ends with an “ER” — helpful, but not overly so — again, this is master puzzlemaking; 24A: PRISM (Object depicted on the cover of Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon”); 27A: EDAMAME (Soybean snack); 29A: REID (Senate majority leader before McConnell); and 59A: SNOCAT (Winter trail transport).

Nice diversion. Took me 36 minutes to complete. 


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