NYTimes Crossword

Recurring Misprint in The Sacramento Bee 

A letter to Cheryl Dell, publisher and president of The Sacramento Bee.




Dear Ms. Dell: 

Perhaps you are not a cruciverbalist, as am I. But rest assured, my point is valid, and complaint long in the making. 

I Blog (for fun) about the New York Times crossword puzzle. I have a unique take, as I daily purchase The Sacramento Bee, and complete the syndicated puzzle, which trails first publication in the NYT by five weeks for the Mon-Sat puzzles. 

Unfortunately for me (and for all the dedicated followers of the NYTimes crossword puzzle amongst your readership), your paper recurrently misprints the New York Times crossword puzzle. 

This tragic and heartless negligence strikes often to the heart of the puzzle, destroying meaning, context, enjoyment, and (most importantly) fun. 

It seems to be an easy fix. But if no careful lovers of the mysterious squares exist amongst the editorial and printing staff of your once-great newspaper, then I’m afraid this callous oversight may likely continue. 

I’m sure you care about truth and accuracy. Yet when it comes to printing the only part of your publication I care to read, you so regularly miss the mark. 

Today [Monday, June 13, 2016] is but an exemplar of your paper’s commission of this all-too-common error. Can it be corrected? Yes it can. Will you see to it? Time will tell. 

Your ever faithful (if minutely partial) fan, 

Aaron Swickard 

P.S. For more specific details of my complaint, and examples thereof, you may read about it in my Blog at the following:




** UPDATE **

Received the following from Cheryl Dell, Publisher and President of the Sacramento Bee, on June 14, 2016:


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It turns out that there was a problem in the transmission of this feature from the syndicate to us. We expect to have it fixed by the end of the week.  

Cheryl Dell


The Sacramento Bee


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