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Monday June 13, 2016 — NYTimes Crossword No. 0509

Monday June 13, 2016 — NYTimes Crossword No. 0509

Started in the NW with 2D: OSLO (Norwegian capital) [which I misplaced into the 3D slot]. Didn’t immediately recognize my mistake, as I had stars in my eyes when I next saw 15A: DONHO (“Tiny Bubbles” singer). 

Don Ho

I resolved this central northern jurisdiction first, with: 5D: CDS (Conservative investments, briefly); 5A: COSTS (Prices); 6D: OOH (La-la lead-in); 7D: SNIP (Little scissor cut); [was not yet ready for 8D: THRASH (Beat handily)]; and 9D: SOTRUE (“You can say that again!”). All of which gave me the clue paired with Don Ho, at 17A: ALOHASHIRT (Article of tropical apparel … whose start is a state nickname for the state indicated by the shaded squares). [Must I really point out that there are no shaded squares in my crossword puzzle today? Tsk Tsk, Sacramento Bee.]

Waikiki Beach

I then fixed my initial misplacement, and resolved the NW with: 1D: SAAB (Discontinued Swedish car), paired with 2D: OSLO next door; 3D: YEOW (“Ouch!”); 1A: SOYA (Protein-rich bean); 4D: ACHEFOR (Want badly); and 18D: ANEW (All over again). This spelled out 20A: BOWEN (Julie ___, portrayer of Claire on “Modern Family”), which otherwise I would not have solved. 

Julie Bowen

Not sure I understand the connection amongst the five italicized clues, 17A: ALOHASHIRT; 27A: SHOWMETHEMONEY (Catchphrase shouted in “Jerry Maguire” …); 37A: BAYMARE (Secretariat’s mother, for one …); 45A: FIRSTRESPONDER (Emergency worker …); and 60A: GOLDENCALF (Biblical idol …). Bueller? Anyone??

Ferris Bueller

Of course, another pairing, this time of the central (and themed?) clue, 37A: BAYMARE, with 50A: STUD (Secretariat’s father, for one).

Motorcycle Cop: What ya’ got in the trunk? J. Frank Parnell: Oh…you don’t wanna look in there.

I then discovered two things I love in the SW, with: 66A: REPO (Seized vehicle, informally), reminiscent of one of my favorite movies; and 49A: STAN (___ Lee, creator of Spider-Man). Nothing better than a Stan Lee cameo in a Marvel film. 

Other long verticals include: 10D: PLAYDOH (Moldable kids’ stuff); 42D: ISSUETO (Give, as a passport or a parking ticket); 44D: ADDICTS (Druggies, etc.).


I did run into a little difficulty in the central district. I didn’t know: 37A: BAYMARE; 34A: MFA (Designer’s degree, for short), [Master of Fine Arts?]; 24D: EMMA (Madame Bovary), never read it; and 25D: DEFY (Stand up to). 

I first noodled out DEFY, next logically concluded the correct answer at BAYMARE, which then gave me MFA. I finished at EMMA, which I only got because the crossers spelled it out. 

Fun puzzle. Might have been funner with some shaded squares? Twelve minutes to complete, which is about average for a Monday. 


2 thoughts on “Monday June 13, 2016 — NYTimes Crossword No. 0509

  1. OK y’all, I figured out the meaning of the italicized clues, as well as the locations (content & meaning) of the shaded squares (no thanks to my local newspaper publisher). 17A: ALOHA state (HI); 27A: SHOW ME state (MO); 37A: BAY state (MA); 45A: FIRST state (DE); 60A: GOLDEN state (CA).


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