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Friday June 10, 2013 — NYTimes Crossword No. 0506

Friday June 10, 2013 — NYTimes Crossword No. 0506

Where do I even start today? How about at the beginning…

My first answer was wrong, at 5D: CFOS (Some successful Wharton grads, for short), I said MBA’s, which doesn’t make complete sense, I realize, and of course was incorrect. Which also established from the outset sort of an unofficial theme in my solving of today’s New York Times crossword puzzle. Overall time, 50 minutes. 

I next (mis-)answered 14D: GLOSS (Luster), I said “sheen.” I then saw 18A: OTC (Non-Rx), and realized my mistake at 14D, but I was not yet nearly prepared to answer correctly that clue. 

The starting “G” in 12D: GOATEE (Relative of a soul patch) gave me confidence to tackle the long 13-lettered horizontal at 12A, which I then began to boldly mis-fill as “Grey’s Anatomy,” realizing too late that my choice contains only twelve letters…

The correct answer came to me later at 12A: GAMEOFTHRONES (Show with the record for most Emmy’s won in a single year (12)). I don’t watch much TV (almost none at all, unless the Raiders happen to be playing, and even then I don’t manage to see every game), which sometimes is a heavy handicap in completing the crossword puzzle. 

In fact, my biggest problem area today was in the East, surrounding 41A: STEPHEN (Big name in late-night). I was pretty sure this clue was a reference to late night television, but with only the final three letters complete, and an incorrect starting crosser, I began to think of sleep remedy medications, night terrors, and any other thing that one might encounter in the after dark hours. And when I finally did resolve STEPHEN, I still had no clue as to its reference. I now know this refers to funnyman Stephen Colbert, but it still feels like this reference is probably much higher in the general cultural consciousness than it is in mine. 

I resolved pretty early 1A: CARDCATALOG (Holder of many titles), one of my favorite clues of the day, which also corrected for me my opening error at 5D: CFOS. However, the related clue at 25D: ISBNS (Info in a 1-Across) took me much longer, and I misanswered it (twice). I first put “table,” and then when I was considering drug names where I should have known Mr. Colbert, I re-answered “Tab No.” All wrong. 

The longest answer in the North was the fifteen-lettered 14A: GOTINTOHOTWATER (Encountered trouble), which was not overly difficult, and I found quite helpful. 

In the West, I thought 29A: SENEGAL (Home to the naturally pink Lake Retba) might be Senegal, based only on the strength of the starting three letters [never before heard of this lake, it sounds beautiful], but I had misanswered 22D: AGREE (Tally) as “count,” based upon another missed answer at 20A: SEALABS (Locales for deep investigations?), which I had incorrectly completed as “seances.” Errors compounding errors. Much fun! 

I finally resolved my differences with Senegal, and came to grips with the incorrectness of Seances, when I realized 23D was probably BANGS (Mamie Eisenhower hairstyle) [it is], not based at all upon my knowledge of the former First Lady’s coiffure, but entirely because it is the only hairstyle I could think of which seemed to fit. 

My lack of TV knowledge also slowed me on 33A: CJCREGG (Allison Janney’s role on “The West Wing”). I figure I must 21D: LEARN (Get into one’s head), an ultra clever clue. 

I found helpful 33D: CHASM (It might be yawning), as well as its neighbor 34D: JAGUAR (Luxury car brand since 1935). Though I made another mistake at 35D: CRANKED (Started, as a generator), when I said “fired up.”

The long horizontals in the South were fun, including: 53A: MAKETHEBESTOFIT (Turn lemons into lemonade, so to speak); 55A: RECRIMINATION (Countercharge); and 56A: DOAGOODTURN (Help someone).

I had misanswered 52D: NOIR (Rouge alternative) as “rose.” Should have been thinking red and black. 

I also misspelled 37D: CHIFFON (Lingerie material) by including an “A,” but 43A: IRE (Choler) provided the necessary correction. 

Had to noodle through 35A: NOGUCHI (Architect/sculptor with an eponymous New York museum), as this artist is not at the top of my knowledge pyramid. 

Enjoyed the clue at 48D: NEMO (Friend of Bubbles, in an animated film). Also, 8D: ARTS (They may be graphic).

Also clever were: 40A: HARNESS (Control and make use of); and 25A: ITSLATE (“We should get going”).

Initially also missed 30A: SATINON (Attended as an observer) as “audited.”

Did I enjoy getting beat up today by the one-two punch of Julian Lim (puzzlemaker) and Will Shortz (editor)? You betcha I did! 


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