NYTimes Crossword

Tuesday 5/31/16 — NYTimes Crossword No. 0426

Tuesday 5/31/16 — NYTimes Crossword No. 0426
Began easily enough in the NW with: 1A: SERFS (Medieval drudges); and 1D: SAGE (Wise one). 

From there I made my first error at 13A: ALERTS (Gives a heads up), when I misanswered “alarms.” I wasn’t thrilled with my answer, but it took me a minute to be sure of my mistake. 

First I had to resolve: 14D: STAG (Doe’s mate); 22A: EEGS (Some hosp. tests), I left the second “E” blank for the moment, uncertain if I should go with “EEG” or “EKG”; 2D: ELAL (Its inaugural flight was in 1948); and 3D: REPO (Pickup that gets picked up, perhaps), which made me think of one of my favorite movies from 1984, “Repo Man.”

Motorcycle Cop: What ya’ got in the trunk? J. Frank Parnell: Oh…you don’t wanna look in there.

All of which finally alerted me to my error at 13A, and led me to my correction thereof. 

I then got to the heart of the matter at 19A: ELONGATE (Scandal involving Tesla CEO Musk?). 

There were six clues connected with the inner puzzle today, which I found quite clever. In addition to Mr. Elon Musk, these included: 18A: DELEGATE (Scandal surrounding copy editors’ proofreading marks?); 28A: APPLEGATE (Scandal affecting iPhone owners?); 47A: FLOODGATE (Scandal in the aftermath of a tsunami?); 57A: TAILGATE (Scandal that implicates a detective?); and 61A: NAVIGATE (Scandal depicted in “Avatar”?), which I didn’t really get, but then, I never saw the movie. 

I liked 4D: FRENEMY (Ally who’s not completely an ally), an otherwise unknown word to me, but easy enough to suss out. 

I didn’t know 55D: CARA (___mia (Italian term of endearment)), and had to rely on crossers. 

I found 62D: AFT (Back on board) to be particularly crafty.  

And of course I must mention 12D: TREK (Long hike), because, hey. 

13 minutes. Fun diversion early on a Tuesday.


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