NYTimes Crossword

Tuesday Crossword — NYTimes No. 0419 

Tuesday Crossword — NYTimes No. 0419 

So whether they heard my complaint, or noticed the defect on their own, today the print staff at The Sacramento Bee properly shaded boxes in the grid, which is a feature that had been missing the past couple months when the NYTimes crossword used this device for its inner puzzle. So congratulations on fixing this problem, and thank you. 

A word about the inner puzzle … the reveal is at 36A: HEADSUP (Warning appropriate for this puzzle?) Eleven vertical sets of letters are shaded, three and four at a time. These include (when read up): EGG[head]; BOW[head]; OVER[head]; AIR[head]; ACID[head]; WAR[head]; DRUM[head]; PIN[head]; BONE[head]; RED[head]; and POT[head]. Not so sure I approve of the overwhelming plurality of negative connotations in these eleven. But hey, this is the New York Times crossword puzzle, and they do what they want. 

I first saw 18A: PELOSI (Former House leader Nancy), appropriate for this primary election season. Which easily gave me: 1D: SaPPY (Too sentimental); 2D: PUREE (Food processor setting); 1A: SPAR (Practice boxing); 3D: ATOLL (Bikini, for one); and 20A: YELL (Cheerleader’s cheer).

I worked East from there for: 5A: DRE (Dr. who’s done 19-Down for Dr. Pepper), see how I knew it wasn’t Dr. Who?; 7D: ERR (Make a goof) — which I soon did… ; 6D: RAE (Girl’s name that is a homophone for a boy’s name); 14D: RIS (Sue Grafton’s “___ for Ricochet”). I then was able to resolve: 5D: DEDICATES (Names in someone’s honor); and 4D: REVOLT (Not take it anymore). 

This left me with 13A: aUTEREAR (Auricle’s site), which is wrong. I knew it was wrong, but I was so convinced of all the vertical crossers that I left it, wondering to myself, “What is an aurical, and where might I find one?” [Post puzzle, I Googled it. See below.]

I now know the correct answers are: 1D: SOPPY (Too sentimental — Really??); and 13A: OUTEREAR. That makes sense, but got right past me today. And I’m not too proud to post my mistakes. So enjoy. 

13 minutes today. Errors included. 

Must mention Star Wars everytime, such as 45D: KENOBI (Obi Won ___).

Loved the crossing related clues at: 56A: FIGARO (Name repeatedly sung in Rossini’s “Largo al factotum”); and 53D: ARIA (Rossini’s “Largo al factotum,” e.g.). 

Also appreciate the inclusion of local geographic iconography at 31D: TAHOE (North America’s largest alpine lake). 

But the best part of today’s crossword adventure was seeing @GinasMoon at Starbucks. Hi Gina!!! 


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