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May 10, 2016 — Tuesday Crossword Puzzle — NYTimes No. 0405

May 10, 2016 — Tuesday Crossword Puzzle — NYTimes No. 0405

Started in the NW with 2D: ARE (“___ we done here?”) and 16A: FENGSHUI (Pagoda placement consideration, often). 

For some reason, 1A: PAID (Like the best kind of vacation) and 1D: PDF (JPEG alternative) eluded me for quite a bit longer. 

I love related clues. Today were 13A: DRNO (First James Bond film) and 68A: SPY (James Bond, e.g.). 

Also love it when my heroes appear in the crossword puzzle. Today were 40A: Marie CURIE (First female Nobelist, 1903) and 64A: SEEGER (Pete who co-wrote “If I Had a Hammer”).

In 1991 I visited Warsaw, and stayed in an apartment in the Old City, across the street from where Marie Curie was born. 

Also cool was the mention of Burning Man at 65A: NEV (Home of the Burning Man festival: Abbr.).

I never did understand the inner puzzle. The clue is at 54A: PAIROFJOKERS (Cards #53 and #54 in a deck… or a hint to the answers to 19-, 26-, 35-, and 47-Across). Those answers are: 19A: SHORTWINTERS (Climate feature of equatorial countries); 26A: WHITEHOPE (Savior, in popular parlance); 35A: CRYSTALBALL (Prognostication tool); 47A: ROCKCANDY (Clumps of sugar on a stick). Perhaps someone can explain this to me? [I did eventually figure this one out …]

My favorite clue of the day was 8D: MAUNALOA (It last erupted in 1984). I had to answer some crossers to determine if this might instead have been Mauna Kea, which is a puzzle solving tool that I love. 

Not a bad Tuesday crossword. Took me fourteen minutes to finish. 


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