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Happy Tuesday….



I always wanted to be able to do the crossword. I would look at the puzzles and be fascinated. The clues seemed so esoteric to me. Like an inaccessible language of an unknown world.

In college (yes, I actually did briefly attend college) I decided I wanted to juggle. I practiced for weeks. I even bought a book on the subject. I used to mortify and delight my children by juggling objects in the grocery store. Although I never did become very good at it.

At about the age of forty-five I decided I wanted to learn to play guitar. The height of my ambition was to someday play my guitar and sing on the stage at Calvary Christian Center in Sacramento, California.

I always wanted to be a writer. Though I never thought I had anything to say. I’ve written dozens of stories. Always just for my own pleasure or for one or a small few close friends and family. Never have I subjected my stories to a wider audience.

Then I remembered what someone once told me. Lovers love. Dreamers dream. Writers write. If love is rebuked, keep loving. If dreams are dashed, keep dreaming. If writing is rejected, keep writing.

If you want to do the crossword puzzle, keep trying. Do whatever it takes. Bash your brain into submission to grasp the language. Learn to interpret the clues. Understand how to crack the code. Who knows? You just might be good at it.



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